WordPress Tutorials

Course Summary

Our WordPress Tutorials are perfect for anybody wanting to create their own website, blog or promote an event(s) for their organisation. WordPress is the ideal platform to create new, contemporary and functional sites for free. Here is one we made earlier!

Our step by step tutorial takes you through the process of building your own wordpress site – exactly how you want it – and without using complicated code or web lingo! By the end of the day you will have a functional wordpress site that you have created and more importantly the knowledge to further develop, update and create as many other free sites as you need!

Course Content

This course will cover everything you need to know to get your own wordpress site up and running. The course covers the following:

Introduction to wordpress.com – main features, account setup and look at two different wordpress styles of site.

Hands on Tutorial – Working to our study template we will guide you through process of creating a wordpress site. This will involve installing a theme, creating a colour palette, customising the background, creating images, creating new pages, installing widgets and inserting content.

Creating a brief for your site– through discussion, we will write a brief for your site to incorporate all the features you would like using our PowerPoint template.

Configuring your own wordpress.com site – having written a brief, we will assist you editing your template into your personalised site. This will include: Choosing a theme, adding links, inserting and embedding media – images, video presentations etc. tagging and categorising your posts, adding ‘Share’ buttons and comments.

Information – following your site setup we will advise on acquiring web addresses, domain mapping and search engine registration. The course includes a manual providing where to find ‘how-to’ resources and information about all the basic functions of wordpress.com so if you forget a process you will be able to find out how.

What will I get from the course?

What it says on the tin! A guide to the workings of wordpress.com and a full bank of knowledge on building a website or blog for a variey of uses. At the end of the day you will:

– Have a wordpress website/blog in your name that you can use and edit in the future.
– Have an excellent knowledge of how to create pages, edit content and create bespoke forms
– Understand how to map a site layout, choose relevant features and colour palette
– Be able to add a range of media such as images, video and hyperlinks
– Have our comprehensive back up document for future reference

The course includes a folder containing the courses notes and CD of the powerpoint presentation for future reference.

Prices and Booking

This course is a full one day course run at our offices in Billingshurst,  Sussex or at a location of your choice and at your convenience. Courses are limited to 3 people in order to ensure a good learning environment. If you have one, please bring a wi-fi enabled laptop for the course.

Price: £495 + VAT per person

If you would like to book one of these courses, use our booking form and we will contact you, or call 08445 611646.