Twitter for Business

Course Summary

Twitter for Business is a half day course aimed at gearing you up for the world of twitter. This platform is now used extensively by businesses of all sizes as a way of engaging a huge audience online.

Integrating social media platforms such as twitter with traditional forms of marketing is becoming increasingly commonplace. This course covers the essentials about how to use twitter to further your objectives and will help you develop your  own twitter strategy. You will leave ready to take on the world of twitter!

Course Content

This course covers everything you need to develop and maintain an effective social media strategy for twitter. The course programme is as follows:

Introduction: What is twitter, how has it developed, who uses it and how can you make the most of it?

Develop a Twitter strategy: Define your primary objectives, determine your target audience, branding and create your own twitter strategy. Define company policy and monitoring of staff.

Get started with Twitter: Look at the different styles of accounts and how to set up an engaging profile. Look at who will use the account and set guidelines. Find out about twitter terminology, the use of @, RT, DM & #Hashtags, social protocol, who to follow, directories, twitter applications, different styles of tweets, abbreviations and how to build a robust audience.

Twitter Clients – Look at twitter applications Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, there features and setup to make best use of them.

Twitter Lists – What they are , how to set them up and utilise them.

Getting serious with Twitter – using twitter to promote, develop relationships, sales, useful business contacts and collaborations.

What will I get from the course?
When the course is completed you will understand:

– How and why twitter works
– How to set up an engaging profile
– Social etiquette, who should use it and how to structure your time on twitter
– Create your own twitter strategy having identified your target audience and primary objectives
– Know how effectively raise awareness and develop long term relationships that generate interest and sales

The course includes a folder containing the course notes.

Prices and Booking

This course is a half day course run at our offices in Billingshurst, Sussex. Please see our booking table for the next course date. Alternatively we can run this course at your office that can be arranged to suit you. Please contact us for more information.

Price: £145 + VAT per person

If you would like to book on one of these courses please use our booking form and we will contact you, or call us on 08445 611646.